OFT develops Gen-X weapons

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Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, Mar 19: The Ordnance Factory Tiruchirapalli &13;(OFT), in association with the Defence Research and Development Organisation &13;(DRDO), has developed four new varieties of ultra-modern futuristic weapons for &13;the Indian Armed Forces.

OFT sources told UNI that the new variety of weapons were a 14.5 MM and 20 MM &13;Anti-Material Rifle (named as Vidhwansak), a 40 MM Multi-Grenade Launcher &13;(MGL), a 38 MM Multi-Shell Launcher and a 40 MM Under Barrel Grenade Launcher &13;(UBGL).

The new products would meet the requirements of the armed forces at a cost &13;much lower than the imported weapons, they said.

Giving the details of the new weapons, the sources said the Vidhwansak weapon &13;(14.5 MM caliber) had a maximum range of 1800 metres, while the 20 MM caliber &13;version had 1300 metres. The weapon had the capability to blast the enemy &13;bunkers and radar systems in the battle field.

The production of the two varieties (14.5 MM and 20 MM) began last month and &13;the Border Security Force (BSF) had placed an order for 100 pieces.

Some more trials would be carried out for the Indian Army, who would be a &13;major buyer, they added.

The 40 MM Multi-Grenade Launcher, named UGRA-40, had a high firing rate of 12 &13;rounds per minute, and a range greater than rifle-fired grenade. It had a &13;maximum range of 375 meter and could pierce even a one feet cement concrete &13;wall. It is an ideal weapon for counter insurgency and low intensity conflict &13;operations, the sources said.

The Army and Navy had placed orders for the new weapons and the production &13;would begin next year, they added.

Another weapon developed by the OFT was 38 MM Multi-Shell Launcher, capable of &13;firing rapidly while being easy to operate and carry.

The weapon, with a maximum range of 135 metres and designed to fire Tear Smoke &13;shells and rubber bullets to long ranges is an ideal weapon for riot control.
&13;&13;&13;OFT, which has an inbuilt research and development laboratory, had produced &13;comonents for the 9 MM Carbine and 7.62 MM LMG. The 9 MM Carbine was &13;extensively used by the Indian Army during the Bangladesh liberation war in &13;1971. The factory started manufacturing Rifle 7.62 MM the popularly known as &13;Self-Loading Rifle (SLR), in 1972.

The SLR, known for its sturdiness and robustness was the mainstay of Indian &13;Armed Forces for over three decades.

It also received wide patronage across all the Central para-military and state &13;police forces.

The factory, under technical collaboration with erstwhile Soviet Union, came &13;out with a good number of new sophisticated weapons like the 12.7 MM &13;Anti-Aircraft Gun, the 14.5 MM Sub-Calibre Device, the 23 MM Ghasha Aviation &13;Gun and the 30 MM Auto Cannon, between 1988 and 1992.

The year 1999 was significant in the history of OFT, as it took up large scale &13;production of the prestigious 5.56 MM rifle, popularly called as Indian Small &13;Arms System (INSAS Rifle), considered more sophisticated than the popular AK &13;rifles.


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