Valentines Special: Love of a different Nature!

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Come Feb, the whole world celebrates Love.

If you have dropped in here to 'smother' yourself with love......sorry! We will take you on a very different ride. Sure, this too is love but here you don't actually "Fall in Love" but "Rise in Love". Love that actually makes you pull the other down, pushing you to the top. Love that makes you see RED (read blood)!

U got that right!

The Dravidian Duo

We begin with India's most sizzling couple, whose love has no bounds. The ones who go to any limits to throw (literally) the other out, the Jayalalithaa-Karunanidhi combo!

This famous 'khati-peethi jodi' has wooed people with their non-stop 'tu tu-mein mein'. Both Jaya and Karunanidhi felt that political elimination of the other was the only way to 'pyar ko amar banana'.

If you still don't believe, then let us tell you that both Jaya-Karunanidhi were in 'love' enough to eat from the same plate, in the same cell (of course we are taking about the 'jail ka cell'.)

Wah kya 'pyar' hain!

Bowled by love...

Love knows no boundary and only this can explain the coming together of two sporting individuals, namely, Greg and Sourav.

The pair, which enjoyed a brilliant innings opening, braved many bouncers. But the leaking of Greg's e-mail just hit the 'love' wicket. Perhaps, this is the only love story where an 'e-mail' and not a 'female' is the culprit.

But as we know, nothing can stop the love-struck. Sourav has managed to cross all odds to reach his love. He is back in the team. Now, we hope it does not take too long for the Greg-Sourav duo to sing a duet in the same 'pitch'.

Kissa 'kiss' ka......

And they break-up with a kiss!!
Yup, you read it right. They break-up.... And only Rakhi and Mika can do it this way. Mika's birthday bash, the wine, dance and the kiss (on the lips!!!), and look what Rakhi gifts him... a controversy.
Put together all this, and voila you get a chartbuster!!!


But...... do we detect a 'love gone wrong?' Call it betrayal or Generation gap, but the titans are no more together. The 'mooh-bola' of Bachchans' has struck a wrong chord.
Yet, we cannot separate one from the other! Be it...... Madam Tussaud's or KBC, the Dons of Bollywood never miss out sharing the screen space!
For this jodi, its Kabhie khushi, kabhi gham!

'Deewar' re-visited!

Anil: Mere paas Reliance Infocomm, Reliance Capital aur Reliance Energy hain.....

Mukesh: Mere paas Reliance Industries aur IPCL hain!

Anil: ha! Mera paas bollywood hain!

Mukesh: Mere paas (bollywood style) Ma hain ma hain, ma hain (dts sound).

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