No role in perpetuating terror in India: Pak

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On Board Air India One, Sept 18: Satisfied over the outcome of his meeting with President Pervez Musharraf in Havana on Saturday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said Pakistan had made an explicit commitment to work with India to do all it could to fight terrorism.

''There is an explicit commitment on the part of Pakistan to say that they will work with us to do all that is in their control to fight this scourge,'' he told journalists who accompanied him on his nine-day trip to Brazil and Cuba.

The Prime Minister also totally denied any suggestion that the joint statement issued by him and Gen Musharraf after their meeting on the margins of the NAM Summit was agreed upon at the behest of the United States or any other country. ''It is a question of our own sovereign national interest,'' he said.

Dr Singh said the Pakistan President had assured him that his country had no hand in perpetuating terrorism in India.

''He did not go into the past. He said whatever has happened in the past, let's work together in the future,'' Dr Singh said.

Dr Singh had a one-to-one meeting with Gen Musharraf lasting a little over an hour at the end of which the two leaders issued a path-breaking Joint Statement.

The statement said the two leaders had decided to put in place an India-Pakistan anti-terrorism institutional mechanism to identify and implement counter-terrorism initiatives and investigations.

They also strongly condemned all acts of terrorism, in the context of the July 11 Mumbai blasts, which claimed over 180 lives, and agreed that terrorism was a scourge that needed to be effectively dealt with.

Dr Singh said he welcomed the commitment made by Pakistan in the joint statement. ''As explicitly as it could be stated, it is reiterated in the statement we have issued... I believe this is the best that we could get in the circumstances,'' he said.


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